MZ Costruzioni Metalliche: experts in silo manufacture

MZ Costruzioni Metalliche is a company which operates nationwide and engages in contract work for the design, processing and manufacture of metal silos.

Our metalwork solutions have achieved excellent results over the years and we have always strived to support customers with all the operations required to build storage systems and structures for the industrial sector. Thanks to our excellent staff and state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to process different types of materials, including iron, aluminium and steel. We meticulously select the raw materials to be used and strict quality controls are standard procedures.

In addition to these services, we also produce metal structures and roofing for both civil and industrial applications.

As far as the range of containment systems is concerned, we are also able to build decanters and tanks. For these systems, as well as for silos and all other items manufactured, we produce special accessories and support structures such as ladders, walkways, legs, beams and much more.

A passion for metalwork and the need to meet customer requirements are at the heart of our storage facilities, which are designed to be versatile and hold solid or liquid items, as well as powders (such as cereals), special mixtures and chemicals.

To request a consultation or receive more information, please contact us via the relevant section. We operate throughout Italy.



Silo Manufacturing


Monolithic silos

Drawing on our experience in the field of heavy-duty metalwork, we are able to manufacture monolithic silos, including those with large dimensions. These storage facilities are made of the best materials, all exclusively certified. They can be ordered in iron, stainless steel and aluminium. Find out about all our manufacturing activities and do not hesitate to contact us.


Panel silos

In the area of product and raw material storage silos, panel silos are certainly the most suitable when large containment capacities are required. Thanks to a specialised in-house department, we process the metal sheets at our company and then easily transport them to the customer. This allows for numerous manufacturing possibilities.



For the filtration, containment and treatment of wastewater, we design and manufacture customised decanters according to customer requirements. These structures allow for the proper storage of sludge and waste liquids, which can then be processed. Our decanters constitute a safety measure against contamination and risks of environmental pollution.



For sectors where specific industrial products are used, as in the case of ceramics, stainless steel containment tanks are the best solution. The structures we build are designed to store mortars and mixtures to be used later in other processes. These solutions are designed to prevent contamination and pollution from hazardous substances.


Manufacturing industrial and civil structures


Metalwork for warehouses

In the field of industrial metalwork, MZ is a benchmark for the design and construction of metal solutions for warehouses. We are able to construct a range of different types of roofs, but for each type we ensure thermal-acoustic insulation and maximum strength. We use only certified, high-grade aluminium and stainless steel.



We are a company engaged in the manufacture and installation of industrial metal roofing panels. The areas in which we operate include buildings such as warehouses, storage facilities, prefabricated buildings and factories. We are aware that durable roofing is a fundamental part of a production facility. For this reason we use only the best metal materials.


Fire escape stairs

A building cannot do without an efficient escape system in the event of an emergency. Our company specialises in the production of industrial metal fire escape stairs. All our manufactured structures comply with precise legal specifications and feature complete accessories and components in terms of materials and are made to measure.


Civil structures

Building on our experience as professionals in the industrial sector, we also bring our knowledge to the civil sector. We design and build a range of structures in iron, stainless steel and aluminium. Our metalwork includes the construction of connections for bridges and railways, but also roofing, beams and much more. Find out more about our manufacturing processes and structures.

Our industry sectors


Glass and ceramics


Feed and livestock farming

Waste recycling

Aggregate sand and gravel