The company for your industrial storage facilities

Our company is the ideal supplier of industrial storage facilities. In fact, we specialise in the manufacture of sheet metal silos. Our metal containers can be used in various sectors:

  • Glass and ceramics.
  • Food.
  • Feed and livestock farming.
  • Aggregates such as sand and gravel.
  • Chemical-Pharmaceutical.

The metals processed include ironstainless steel and aluminium, all certified and of the highest quality to give our contracting customers a flawless and durable result.

If you need silos for storing cerealscoffeeanimal feed or winefeel free to contact us. We will design and build industrial storage facilities for your every need. We operate nationwide.


Glass and ceramics

For the glass and ceramics industry an organised structure is required in which to store powders, slurries and mixtures. Our company specialises in the production of customised metal silos under contract to facilitate and optimise our customers’ production processes. Our metal containers keep the characteristics of each material intact by protecting them from any atmospheric agents



Our company has always been close to farms and the food sector. Thanks to our experience in the field of metalwork, we are able to build silos for storing products, whether they are liquids, solids or powders. Our focus is on companies that are engaged in the processing of raw materialsblendspreservesfood drinks and dairy products.


Feed and Livestock Farming

We specialise in the production of monolithic silos for feed mills and companies operating in livestock farming. The solutions we design and produce in-house are designed for the storage of feed in large quantities. Our constructions guarantee perfect thermal insulation, thus ensuring preservation even over extended periods of time.


Aggregate sand and gravel

We are a qualified manufacturer of industrial silos. In fact, we build metal structures for storing, depositing and dosing products such as gravel, cement, marble, lime, powders and ashes in general. The silos serve as industrial tanks for the recovery of these materials, which are then subject to further processing.



For the chemical-pharmaceutical industry we produce silos designed for the storage of granular, liquid and solid products. The materials contained within our metal containers have specific requirements in terms of loading, transport, withdrawing, mixing, dosing and storage, which is why we act as a point of reference for various companies involved in the handling of special and delicate substances.

The characteristics that set us apart

With us, you will find everything you need to realise your project. Having many years of experience, behind us, we have achieved a high level of flexibility that allows us to supply very different sectors with our silos. These companies, however, are united by the need to receive an efficienthigh-performance productmade from certified, quality materials. All this can be found at our company!

Put your trust in MZ metalworkers. Write or call us; we will be at your complete disposal. We operate nationwide.


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