MZ srl: industrial metal construction

The company MZ srl Costruzioni Metalliche was established in 1971 and is the natural evolution of the company “Zanasi – Costruzioni in Ferro”, which had been operating in the metalworking industry since the early 1900s. After many years of general ironworking, from the early 1970s MZ has specialised in the construction of iron and stainless steel silos for the storage of powders, plastic granules, grains and liquids. The vast experience gained in the sector allows for maximum flexibility in production management, adapting it to the most diverse project requirements.

Among the metalwork we are able to undertake are monolithic and panel silos, decanters, containment tanks, fire escape stairs, metal structures and roofs for both civil and industrial purposes.

Our constant presence on the market over many years constitutes a guarantee for the customer of professionalism and reliability. In addition, constantly updated construction technologies allow MZ to lead the way in terms of both price and quality.


The structures we build and the main sectors of application

We have always been at the service of industrial companies in need of functional and professional storage and containment systems.

Among the main products are:

  • Iron monolithic silos;
  • Stainless steel monolithic silos;
  • Aluminium monolithic silos;
  • Panel silos;
  • Decanters;
  • Tanks;
  • Support structures and accessories;
  • Industrial structures;
  • Heavy-duty metalwork for warehouses;
  • Roofing;
  • Industrial fire escape stairs;
  • Civil structures.

Our structures are designed for a wide range of sectors:

  • Glass and ceramics;
  • Food;
  • Feed and livestock farming;
  • Waste recycling;
  • Aggregate sand and gravel;
  • Chemical-Pharmaceutical.

Teamwork and customer care

Our strengths are the dynamic nature and versatility we put into all our production processes. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we expertly process stainless steel, aluminium and iron, all of which are strictly certified materials of the highest quality.

Design, construction and assembly are fundamental steps, which must necessarily be interconnected. Consequently, a close-knit team of professional metalworkers is also necessary. Each of our operators is essential in order to be able to deliver high-performance, customised, unique structures.

In order to meet different requirements, we also act as installers of the items we manufacture. This allows us to be a point of reference for anyone who puts their trust in us. Although we work on behalf of third parties, we are committed to providing support and service across the board.

Trust in experienced metalworkers, contact MZ. We are based in the province of Modena, in Casinalbo, but operate throughout Italy.