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Manufacture and sale of silos

Since its inception in 1971, MZ has specialised in the manufacture and sale of storage silos and cisterns for the industrial sector. Specifically, we are involved in the construction of tanks of all types and sizes for the containment of solids, liquids, granules, powders, flour and many other products and raw materials.

We work on behalf of third parties in order to meet the different requirements of the sector, carrying out unique and fully customised metalworks. The materials we deal with most are iron, aluminium and stainless steel, all of the highest quality and in line with the standards imposed by law.

The fields of application are different, but the goal remains the same: to provide a functional and durable storage system for any type of situation.

Our services also include the construction of decanters, tanks and painting and galvanising works for the creation of stable and high-performance installations in every respect.

Rely on us for the manufacture of industrial containment structures that meet your expectations. We operate nationwide.


Iron monolithic silos

MZ’s iron monolithic silos are designed with the aim of being able to store large quantities and volumes of industrial products and raw materials. In the same way as for the food industry, it is also essential for suitable containment systems to be available in many other fields. Our vertical cylindrical silos provide high containment capacity and offer countless advantages, including resistance to corrosion and weathering.


Stainless steel monolithic silos

We manufacture high-performance steel monolithic silos, thanks to the experience MZ has gained over time and the trust customers place in our professionalism. Each phase is carried out in-house starting with a careful evaluation of the design provided by the client. We are able to process stainless steel perfectly and enhance its qualities of strength, practicality, hygiene and safety. Contact us for more information on this metalworking product.


Aluminium monolithic silos

Among the many metal works we are able to undertake are aluminium monolithic silos. These are particularly lightweight structures that offer countless other advantages such as thermal insulation and resistance to fire and corrosion. We use only certified materials and employ the best human and technological resources. Find out more about our manufacturing on behalf of third parties. Find out more about our manufacturing processes and contact us.


Panel silos

Vertical panel silos are essential when large containment capacities are required. They are particularly useful and easy to handle, as they are made by our in-house department and then transported in pieces to the customer. This allows the construction of even very large metalwork structures and to be able to rely, from the start of the project to delivery and installation, on a single point of contact for any requirements.



Decanters are among the systems used for the containment of industrial products. We specialise in the construction of steel cisterns for the storage, filtration and treatment of wastewater. Available in a static (vertical) version, the decanter is a particularly complex structure, requiring construction by a company with extensive experience in heavy-duty metalwork. MZ is at your complete disposal for customised consultation and assistance.



Industrial stainless steel tanks are storage structures designed to contain specific liquids and compounds from industrial processes. As in the specific case of ceramics, where tanks are used for holding mixtures, which are then to be used in subsequent operations. They are solid structures that help prevent risks of contamination or contact with potentially polluting agents.


Support structures/Accessories

In addition to our core services, we are a point of reference not only for the production of silos and storage systems, but also for the supply of all necessary accessories and support structures. Our range of products includes: ship ladders, handrails, legs, beams, columns, metal walkways and metal reinforcement. All accessory components are made exclusively of stainless steel to ensure maximum protection.