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Design and manufacture of stainless steel monolithic silos

Our steel monolithic storage silos are manufactured by personnel specialised in industrial metalwork. Thanks to the experience MZ has acquired over time and the trust that customers place in our professionalism, we are able to meet a variety of requirements.

We take care of all the phases in-house, starting with project analysis. Sectors such as the food industry or the agricultural industry require optimal storage solutions in order to prevent damage to goods. That is why it is essential to combine the specifications provided by the client with the best technologies and construction techniques.

Stainless steel silos are ideal structures for storing liquid products such as milk and wine, but also cereals and derivatives, oil, flour and many other raw materials. Our solutions meet precise hygiene and safety standards and are available in a conical bottom version for more convenient unloading and dosing.

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The winning solution for the food industry

Raw materials used in the food industry require special preservation methods. Both from a hygienic and dosing point of view, it is absolutely essential that cereals, pulses, liquids, fats and powders are contained in zero-contamination environments. This is why we are engaged in the daily production of stainless steel monolithic silos.

Safety, ease of extraction, control and functionality are common features of all our products. Even in the case of extremely bulky or difficult-to-handle products, our silos are able to preserve the organoleptic properties of the goods, ensuring maximum resistance and protection from adverse weather conditions.

The steel we mainly use is AISI 304, which guarantees hygiene, long-lasting raw materials and fast periodic maintenance. Furthermore, our silos are fully customisable, thanks to a range of dedicated accessories, such as loading/unloading cells, level sensors and vibrating bottom.


Customised and ready-to-use solutions

One of the main advantages of our stainless steel monolithic silos is the possibility of relying on a ready-to-use storage structure.

Within our dedicated departments we process the sheet metal and all the components, so that the customer has a single point of contact through which any aspect of the machining or specific requirements can be managed. From galvanising to painting and all the processes involved, we check the production status with strict quality control to ensure high quality levels at all times.

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