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Production of silos for feed and livestock farming

MZ specialises in the production of monolithic silos for feed mills and companies operating in livestock farming.

The solutions we design and produce in-house are designed for the storage of feed in large quantities and meet specific needs for the supply of cattle, sheep and pig farms.

Each silo has specific functional and dimensional characteristics according to the customer’s requirements and guarantees perfect thermal insulation, so that storage can be ensured even for extended periods of time. We pay great attention to both the design and execution phases, making the structure suitable for contact with food raw materials.

The silos are also available in a version with modular panels to facilitate the transfer of even large installations directly to the client.

Would you like to know the cost of our vertical silos for the containment of fodder and other industrial products? Contact us and we will provide you with customised assistance and consultancy. We operate extensively nationwide.


Why choose silos as an alternative to warehouses?

Ensiling fodder is a special moment concerning the optimal preservation of a natural product, with the aim of prolonging its freshness, nutritional properties and quantity of source material.

Compared to open-air storage, using an insulated storage system allows the product to be quickly organised and, first of all, to be adequately protected from what may be enzymatic and microbial changes or alterations. There are many different reasons for choosing a silo over an unprotected storage facility:

  • The storage of fodder and non-harvestable products;
  • Protecting the crop from adverse weather conditions;
  • Optimising production and introducing new varieties that would otherwise not be properly conserved;
  • The containment of leakages that would occur with traditional haymaking methods;
  • Facilitating the automation of the collection and handling of fodder for farms.

Comprehensive and functional storage systems

MZ silos are designed for the storage of powders, granules, flour and all products that are generally used within livestock and agricultural companies.

These facilities have all the basic elements that a storage system must have. The panels that make up the surface are made of galvanised steel to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance and to keep the goods inside unaltered. Ship ladders are essential to safely reach the roof, from which the silo can be accessed via a practical trapdoor.

Practical inspection doors complete the system, so that the product level and state of preservation can be checked.

Our range of silos, structures and accessories meets even the most specific requirements. Contact us to request a specific production. We operate throughout Italy.