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Supply of professional silos for the food industry

MZ has always been close to farms and operates in all branches of the food industry. Thanks to our experience in the field of metalwork, we are able tobuild silos for storing products, whether they are liquids, solids or powders.

Specifically, we cater for industries engaged in the processing of:

  • Raw materials such as cereals, barley, wheat, corn, soya, cocoa, coffee, sugar, etc;
  • Premixed products: food additives and mixtures, ice creams and cones, freeze-dried products, flavourings and seasonings;
  • Preserves and food drinks: jams, preserves, fruit juices, soft and alcoholic drinks, etc;
  • Dairy products: milk, yoghurt, butter, puddings, etc.

Our storage silos are also designed for rice mills, biscuit factories, oil mills and all establishments that handle food products and raw materials in general.

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our services. We operate nationwide.


Protect your raw material properly

Food containers, especially in the case of liquid products, are essential to ensure proper preservation of organoleptic and nutritional properties.

Our steel silos for the food industry offer several advantages. These include:

  • High resistance to external stresses, vibrations and shocks;
  • Resistance against corrosion whether it originates from the inside (thus dependent on the material) or from the outside environment;
  • They do not compromise taste and quality;
  • Being perfectly insulated, they maintain their thermal efficiency unchanged over time;
  • They are resistant to high pressures and temperature changes.

Constant technological upgrading and the use of increasingly innovative processing techniques enable us to satisfy any requirement, regardless of the raw material involved.


We focus on technological innovation and customer satisfaction

Steel is now the most widely used material within the food industry. MZ silos are made exclusively of stainless steel and comply perfectly with the hygiene and safety standards required by law.

These new storage systems, compared to the wooden barrels widely used in the past, guarantee the durability of the raw material and the conservation of quality over time. Technological advancement and a passion for developments in industrial metalwork are the cornerstones of the work we do on a daily basis.

Thanks to excellent personnel and specific departments for each process, our company is able to meet all requirements, whether in terms function, capacity or size. Specific constructions of different types are not an obstacle, but rather a challenge that we want to overcome, illustrating the trust that customers place in us.

We work mainly on a contract basis and closely follow the basic design. On request, we are also available for the creation of ex novo industrial structures and storage facilities. To receive a consultation or request a quote, please contact us via the appropriate section. We offer our services throughout Italy.