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We build silos for the chemical industry

We build silos for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, for the storage of granular products (such as powders), liquids (paints, fertilisers, detergents, etc.) and solids. These items have specific loading, transport, withdrawal, mixing, dosing and storage requirements. This is why MZ acts as a point of reference for different companies active in the processing of special and delicate materials.

The silos we make are made of the best metals. In fact, we mainly use aluminium and stainless steel, so as to ensure efficiency and quality at every stage of raw material processing.

We work daily to provide optimal, tailor-made solutions for each individual customer. The correct dosage of additives would not be possible without a structure that allows for the correct handling of the product.

We produce metal silos on a contract basis for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, providing our services nationwide. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.


Our silos are synonymous with precision and control

Actively working for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, we share the cornerstones of the sector: maximum precision and control across the board.

The metal silos we make are not only designed for storage, but also and above all for dosing and mixing. The solutions we offer are perfect if you want to keep the properties of the individual raw materials unaltered, in full compliance with the accuracy that each blend and recipe requires.

Whether it is powders or finished products such as soap, detergents and medical-surgical aids, it is necessary to have a structure made to measure for each specific eventuality.


Guaranteed safety across the board

In the chemical-pharmaceutical field, one of the factors that should not be underestimated is without doubt the possibility that spills or accidents may occur.

The silos designed and built by MZ are solid structures, specifically designed to prevent the risk of contamination, fire or dispersion of harmful substances into the environment.

We exclusively create state-of-the-art industrial metalwork solutions.

Request all the necessary information by contacting us. We will provide you with dedicated assistance and consultancy. We offer our services throughout Italy.