Your supplier of cisterns, tanks and storage silos

Since its inception in 1971, MZ has specialised in the manufacture and sale of storage siloscisternstanks and customised metal structures for the industrial sector. In addition, with decades of experience in the field, the company has also managed to excel in the manufacture of heavy-duty and light metalwork.. In addition, we have always been active in the field of civil metal works thus becoming a benchmark in the machining of steel load-bearing structures.

If you are looking for a supplier of silos, storage facilities and industrial metalwork for your factory, you can rely on us! We operate nationwide.



For over 50 years, our company has specialised in the manufacture and sale of silos and cisterns for the industrial sector. We manufacture tanks for the containment of solidsliquidsgranulespowders and flours. Our services include the construction of decanterstanks and painting and galvanising works.


Industrial structures

Our company excels in the production of heavy duty and light metalwork for various sectors. We design and build for third parties load-bearing structures and cladding for industrial warehouses, roofs, fire escape stairs, hangars, mezzanines, railings, fencing, bridges, canopies and ramps.


Civil structures

We have always been active in the field of civil metal works, acquiring proven experience in the area of machining steel load-bearing structures. At our metalwork facilities we are able to carry out works and connections for bridges and roads, as well as machining for railwayshangars and roofing.

The experience and professionalism you are looking for

Our company stands out due to its dynamic nature and versatility, qualities that we inject into all our production processes. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we expertly process stainless steelaluminium and iron, all of which are materials of the highest quality. We support our customers and guide them through all the steps: from design to construction to assembly. Put your trust in our experienced metalworkers. We are based in Modena, specifically in Casinalbo, but operate throughout Italy.


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