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Silos for the glass and ceramics industry

Where mass production is required, such as in the ceramic industry, it is essential to facilitate and optimise production. That is why we at MZ design and build customised silos on a contract basis, according to the customer’s requirements.

Just as ceramics requires an organised structure in which to store powder and slurry, the glass processing industry also needs a comprehensive management system. Pre-mixed mortars, atomised materials, quartz, silica, but also glass scrap can be stored in our silos for future use. Moreover, the metal containers we manufacture are also perfect for storage before disposal, keeping the characteristics of each element intact and safe from weather, humidity and other possible causes of damage.

If you are a company interested in purchasing silos for storing materials for the ceramic or glass industry, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can ask for information about prices and other aspects. We operate throughout Italy.


The benefits of a silo storage system

The advantages of an organisation based on the use of silos are innumerable. First of all, storage is facilitated, as is transport. This is because they are particularly practical structures that reduce risks and facilitate the loading and unloading of stored goods.

Ceramic powders, as well as sands, glassy debris and atomised particles are preserved intact, maintaining unchanged temperature and humidity characteristics.

A last but not least advantage of silos is their possible implementation with pneumatic conveying systems, which is particularly useful when material handling is required from one part of the plant to another.


Serving industry

MZ designs and manufactures metal silos for the storage, handling, dosing and mixing of raw materials used in the ceramic and glass industries and many other sectors. Our solutions are innovative and fully customised. Contact us for more information We provide our services nationwide.