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Production of silos for storing sand and aggregates

Materials such as aggregates and sand need to be properly recovered in order to be treated to remove the sludge on their surface.

MZ, a company specialising in the production of industrial silos, manufactures metal structures for storing, depositing and dosing products such as gravel, cement, marble, lime, powders and ashes in general. The silos serve as industrial tanks for the recovery of these materials, which will then be subjected to washing in decantation pools.

We are able to produce different types of silos, specifically designed to meet different customer requirements. Vertical silos can be monolithic or in panels.

To find out more about metal silos for aggregates, please contact us by filling in the appropriate form. We operate throughout Italy.


Our accessories for storage facilities

As specialists in industrial material storage facilities, we are also able to supply a wide range of accessories to complete our service and assist our customers.

Cement and marble powder require special facilities. Monolithic and panel silos are ideal for properly containing these products. Ramps, stairs, handrails and many other structures serve as ideal protection against accidents or unforeseen incidents.

These are the main accessories that MZ makes available to its customers in order to be able to rely on a single point of contact for all the components that make up a functional and safe storage and containment structure.


We meet every request

The metal solutions we produce for the storage and processing of sand, aggregates and cement are capable of withstanding large quantities of powders and granulates. We meet every need, both in terms of the volume required and the types of material that can be stored.

To ensure the best service, each silo can be customised with logos and colours.

Request our expertise and commission a project by contacting us through the dedicated section. We operate nationwide.