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Are you looking for a manufacturer specialising in decanters?

MZ has been operating since 1971 as a manufacturer of systems for the storage and processing of industrial products. In addition to silos, decanters for filtering wastewater and sludge are also included in our product range.

This is a clarifier with a purification function, which is available in a static model. This model (also known as vertical) is in great demand where special space requirements must be met. Its height-adjustable structure allows it to fit into any context.

All the installations we manufacture are customised according to the customer’s needs and intended use.

If you are looking for a metalworking company experienced in manufacturing decanters on a contract basis, feel free to contact us. We offer our services throughout Italy.


Decanters as a system for better resource management

A decanter is a solution designed to purify water. The operating process is quite simple: you fill the decanter with the liquid to be purified and, thanks to the force of gravity, the solid particles to be removed will settle on the bottom. In this way, pure liquids remain at the top so that it is easier to extract them.

These purification systems offer an advantage in the context of urban and industrial wastewater treatment. It is about being able to recover an otherwise overlooked and wasted source of energy. A decanter can be used to isolate and remove oils, grease, organic materials and other waste. The goal? Reuse water for irrigation of agricultural land, inside cooling towers and many other applications.


A valuable helper

In industrial production, it is necessary to be equipped with special systems for the decontamination of refuse and liquid waste.

Decanters have the specific purpose of facilitating filtering operations thanks to complex systems and components. To make the best use of them, it is essential to rely on a specialised metalworking company, such as MZ.

By contacting us, you can request further information on the entire range of decanters we can manufacture. We offer our services throughout Italy.