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Production and supply of modular panel silos

MZ specialises in the manufacture and supply of vertical panel silos, which are essential where large containment capacity is required.

The main feature of these structures is that they can be completely deconstructed and are divisible so that they can be easily moved and the customer can be guaranteed on-site installation. It all starts within our dedicated industrial metalwork departments, where we analyse the project commissioned to us and carefully select the best material. Aluminium, painted sheet metal and stainless steel are the main raw materials we process.

We carefully examine the different capacities required, combining the diameters, heights and dimensions of the silos perfectly. The aim is to meet expectations and different application needs.

The vertical panel silos we build for third parties are suitable for any industrial environment and can contain both liquids and solids, always ensuring high quality standards and consistent performance over time.

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The construction characteristics of our panel silos

Using special precision bolts and planning every detail, we are able to produce sheet metal panels of any size. We analyse each case as if it were unique because the technical construction specifications vary depending on the field of application.

The metal plates must be smooth so that the product contained can be easily inserted or removed. We use only non-toxic paints to make the surface uniform and protect the interior from weathering, moisture and contaminant infiltration. This results in greater safety and easier control of the raw material, especially in the case of the food industry.

To ensure maximum protection, each individual panel is perforated so that it can be bolted to adjacent panels. Gaskets ensure the impermeability of the structure, maintaining the product’s characteristics over time.

Our solutions are designed to prevent external infestation and to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.


A fast and efficient transport and assembly service

Bolted-panel silos are produced at our metal work facilities in separate sections to be assembled at their destination. In this way, it is possible to build large structures for storing high volumes of goods. The silos are bolted externally, which allows for easy and quick assembly on site. The surface treatment is carried out according to the customer’s requirements. Anti-rust paints and synthetic enamel are normally applied, all of which are strictly non-toxic products.

The transport of the bolted silos does not require any special equipment. In fact, the various sections are specially designed to comply with the standards of transport vehicles and road traffic regulations.

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