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Supply of customised iron monolithic silos

The iron monolithic silos we produce in-house are designed for the storage of powdered products and other raw materials. We work for the food industry and for all businesses that need a professional goods storage system. Our solutions can be supplied in two different construction modes: bolted panels or monolithic welded structure for use outdoors. Specifically, these can be vertical cylindrical silos with a flat bottom, to ensure maximum stability, or with a conical bottom.

Following specific customer requirements, we produce iron monolithic silos made of strong sheet metal, which guarantee excellent antistatic properties and high product holding capacity.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we are also available for on-site installation.

You can rely on our experience. Contact us to request more information or a free, customised quote. We operate nationwide.


Why choose a monolithic silo for storage?

Compared to traditional raw material storage systems (e.g. those using sacks), iron monolithic silos offer countless advantages. The main ones include:

  • A significant reduction in logistical effort in terms of product handling and transport. This means fewer personnel and machinery at work.
  • Faster storage and the guarantee of consistent quality of goods and dosing over time.
  • The automation of product distribution to a specific point where it is used within the production line.
  • The absence of waste or special waste.
  • A significant reduction in waste and greater control of incoming and outgoing loads.

In terms of space and economy, iron monolithic silos make it possible to:

  • Drastically reduce the area occupied inside buildings or warehouses, as these structures are designed for outdoors.
  • Store larger quantities.
  • Rely on a durable system that is resistant to weathering.

Our silos are quick to assemble and extremely versatile

With a passion for industrial metalwork and decades of experience behind us, we are able to produce cylindrical monolithic silos designed for both the storage of large quantities as well as medium-small sized solutions.

We use the best metal raw materials, with the aim of ensuring tailor-made solutions in line with customer requirements. As a testament to our professional service, all monolithic silos are characterised by quick installation, which can take place directly on site at the customer’s premises.

To complete our service, we also provide various accessories, such as ship ladders, handrails, augers, and anything else that a proper professional industrial containment structure requires.

For more information or to request a fully customised storage structure, feel free to contact us. We offer our services throughout Italy.