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Production of stainless steel industrial tanks

MZ specialises in the production of stainless steel industrial tanks for the containment of liquids and special mixtures.

These are horizontal tanks particularly used in the ceramic industry for storing products in the form of a mortar, mixture, such as ceramic slurry, which are then to be used in the production of tiles and other items.

Our solutions comply with current regulations on safety of workers and environmental protection and the prevention of accidents involving the accidental spillage of potentially harmful substances. The safeguarding factor is particularly crucial since ceramic tanks are stored inside production premises, where the potential for contamination is higher.

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Steel collection tanks offer total protection

To ensure maximum safety when storing pollutants and/or hazardous substances, stainless steel containment tanks are an excellent solution. These structures, made of the best materials, are solidly built and offer very high levels of safety and protection.

The risks that our solutions help prevent are generally related to corrosion, seepage, leakage and contact with contaminates. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, and easy to clean.


Quality compatible construction materials

It is important that the materials used to manufacture a containment tank are compatible with the products that will be stored inside it. For the storage of major chemicals, for those used in ceramic processing and for all other fields of application, we exclusively use stainless steel. This allows us to guarantee a suitable and resistant structure, whatever the material with which it comes into contact.

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