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Rely on us for the construction of aluminium monolithic silos

In the field of industrial silos, MZ has succeeded, thanks to its loyal customers, in achieving the highest levels of quality in the design and construction of industrial aluminium systems for the storage of plastic products, granules, carbonates and many others.

Our aluminium monolithic silos are quick-loading and, to ensure optimum performance, they are all specially insulated.

They are used for loading means of transport such as lorries and goods trains and the transfer system is operated by gravity. Product handling is controlled by an automatic or manual shutter at the base of the silo. This allows easier unloading without the use of complex mechanical steps.

The choice of specific materials and the use of the latest technologies allow us to deliver suitable solutions in line with the client’s expectations.

For further information or to request a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide our services nationwide.


The advantages of industrial aluminium use

Popular for its lightness, aluminium has many other advantages, especially when used in an industrial context.

Aluminium silos, in particular, offer:

  • Safety: the craftsmanship involved when processing sheet metal allows high resistance to phenomena such as breakage and damage.
  • Thermal insulation: this factor should not be underestimated, especially when considering particular raw materials typical of the food industry and easily perishable.
  • Fire resistance: aluminium generates no harmful emissions and is completely fireproof.
  • Possibility of recycling: this is a material that can be re-melted indefinitely, without any particular costs or energy input.
  • Resistance: it is particularly durable and will not corrode or deteriorate.
  • Practicality: the characteristics of aluminium make it very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Aesthetic advantages: in addition to functionality, aluminium silos are also particularly pleasing to the eye.

Insulated silos for added product protection

Silos designed and manufactured by MZ are the ideal solution to properly protect your products from contamination and temperature fluctuations or to prevent the natural deterioration of their basic substances.

To ensure greater protection of the goods, our silos can be insulated to allow the storage of special materials, which require a constant temperature to be maintained. A classic example is sugar, which is particularly susceptible to moisture.

To guarantee our professionalism, every step is carried out in-house and always preceded and followed by strict quality controls. Only in this way can we guarantee versatile storage structures for heterogeneous materials.

Rely on our professionals when contracting the construction of aluminium monolithic silos We operate nationwide.