Manufacturing of industrial metal roofing

MZ is a company specialising in the manufacture and installation of industrial metal roofing panels.

We are able to produce integral systems for the industrial sector, using aluminium and stainless steel of the highest quality. Buildings, warehouses, prefabricated structures and factories in general are the facilities which we operate with and work the most.

Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, we deal with different types of roofing. The main ones include straight, curved, continuous sheet, Y-beam and shed. The passion for metalwork that has always driven us will enable you to count on long-lasting and durable cladding, whatever the circumstances.

If you are looking for metal roofing experts for industrial warehouses, our team is at your complete disposal. To request a quote or for more information, feel free to contact us. We offer our services throughout Italy.


The main types of industrial metal roofing

Metal roofs are the perfect solution to meet acoustic and thermal insulation requirements; a decisive factor if we are talking about warehouses or places for the storage and production of goods.

The most common types we are able to produce are:

  • Roofing with corrugated sheets. This is a very functional and particularly safe option. These aspects are crucial if the roof is to be used for the transit of people.
  • Roofing with sandwich panels. This solution inherently provides insulation. It is, in fact, a system consisting of two metal sheets containing a layer of insulating material. They are very much in demand when replacing traditional sheet metal.
  • Aluminium industrial roofing. Strong and durable, aluminium promotes perfect insulation and fits perfectly into any structure, including those with large dimensions.

Rely on our experience in industrial construction

Safety, strength, elegance and stability. These are the characteristics shared by the industrial metal roofing manufactured by MZ. Contact us for more information or to request our services. We operate throughout Italy.