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Supporting structures for warehouses

Steel structures for warehouses made by MZ combine our passion for steelwork with the need to meet the customer’s requirements from the inception of the project to the delivery of the finished product.

We specialise in the design and production of cladding and load-bearing structures required for the roofing of industrial buildings such as evacuators, warehouses, production facilities and more.

We mainly process steel, but we are also experts in processing other metals such as cast iron and aluminium. On the strength of our know-how, we also carry out contract work for third parties with regard to a possible extension of a structure and not only ex novo.

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The characteristics and advantages of an industrial metal structure

Metal structures offers maximum speed in terms of construction and installation. It is the ideal option for companies that need to store their products and raw materials correctly. It is a structure that does not add weight and, therefore, allows for quick and easy transport.

Our silos can guarantee fire resistance through the use of fireproof materials and specific treatments.


Customised, high-performance industrial structures

The structures we build, whether for agricultural or industrial use, are designed to always meet the needs and requirements of our customers. To meet different market demands, we design and build modular models that are particularly quick to install and dismantle.

Industrial warehouses, in particular, require very precise building, structural and technical characteristics. That is why we strive daily to combine work efficiency with aesthetic value. The lightness of metal, as in the case of aluminium, makes it possible to achieve high-performance load-bearing structures and claddings with a considerable weight reduction.

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